WWF Learning Session 0: From Forest Bonds to the Forest Finance Facility

This is an archive of a Learning Session that took place in 2012.The speaker in this session  is Iain Henderson, expert on Carbon Finance based in WWF Hong Kong, now working for UNDP in Geneva. He will tell us about his work with forest bonds in his presentation:

From Forest Bonds to the Forest Finance Facility

Iain joined WWF’s Forest & Climate Initiative in 2010 to focus on carbon finance and is based in Hong Kong. Prior to joining WWF, Iain spent 11 years in Investment Banking in London. He held a number of structuring and sales roles at both UBS and Deutsche Bank, dealing with a range of corporate, institutional and private banking clients in the currency and commodities division. He also worked in a structuring role for Liquid Capital Securities on their Climate and Energy desk just before joining WWF. Iain has an undergraduate degree in Geography from Oxford University, a Masters degree from St Andrews University in Management, Economics and Politics and became a CFA Charterholder in 2002.



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