A Travellers Guide To The Gold Coast

With all the amazing hotspots travel, sun-drenched beaches and exciting amusement parks, Gold Coast truly a perfect holiday destination.

For anyone unfamiliar with Australia or just the beach, it can be a bit daunting for vacation planning the Gold Coast. You can explore more about Gold Coast nightlife from https://infinitygc.com.au/gold-coast-theme-park-tickets-what-s-your-best-option/

See a travel guide to make sure you know what to expect from the weather, ready for all the amazing activities the beach has bid and know how to choose the ideal place to stay.


Exciting nightlife is a sign of a great tourist destination, and luckily for you, the Gold Coast did not disappoint. For families and romantic, there are a number of excellent restaurants catering to different tastes and budgets – some of the country's best restaurants just a stone's throw from the main strip.

For nocturnal species, the Gold Coast is also an excellent place to party in style – a large number and variety of nightclubs will serve are perfect for anyone who wants to dance the night away.


With, sub-tropical climate all year round comfortably, the Gold Coast is the ideal destination to visit any time of year. The average temperature in the mid-20s to the high and the highest rainfall was recorded during the summer months of December to February.

Because the weather is very sunny, sunscreen is a must-have item, as well as hats, sunglasses, and swimmers! light clothing suitable for most of the year, with the necessary light jacket for cooler nights.

Travel Hot Spots

Gold Coast serves as an ideal base for visiting a variety of world-class attractions of Queensland. This includes the famous beach, amusement parks, shopping centers, bars and clubs, restaurants and festivals.

Instead of creating entertainment reservations prior to your arrival, you can usually just talk to the staff at your accommodation and get your tickets later.

It is a good choice because quite often your accommodation will come with a variety of promotions and offers that you can use to save a tremendous amount on the price action.