African Safari: What All Do You Need To Know

An African safari is a paradise to experience. According to Roaring Summer & Bush Safaris, a leading tour & travel agency, if you want to make your vacation hassle-free, you need to be prepared in advance.

Here are some items that if forgotten to bring could ruin your dream African safari experience:

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Passport and documents –

You will not be able to go without a passport. You can also bring a copy in case it is required as a guarantee – you do not have to give up your original. Bring your travel insurance, emergency contact details, and bank and credit card details.

Prescriptions –

You may need a letter from your doctor stating that you have been prescribed medications that you carry, and if possible, it needs to state what condition it treats.

An adapter –

You will need to bring a plug adapter. If you have a device of 110V electric power, you will need an adapter for 220/230V electrical.

A good camera –

You will want your photos to match the clarity of your memories of an African safari. Do not buy disposable – take a digital camera and try to upload your photos to the webserver every night, just in case of natural disasters that may ruin the pics of your special moments with special people.