All About Bow Thruster

A bow thruster is a propeller-shaped type of system installed in the bow (front) and stern of the ship (known as a stern thruster). They are smaller in size than a ship's propeller and help in greater maneuverability of the ship at a lower speed.

Bow thruster that is commonly used to allow the ship to enter or leave the port near the coastal water. Bow thrusters help in assisting tugboats in berthing the ship to avoid unnecessary waste of time and eventually for lack of money for a short stay in the harbor vessel. For more information about bow thruster, you can visit

Bow Thruster

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The presence of a bow thruster on board eliminates the need for two tugs when leaving and entering port, and thus save more money. Currently, the ship has both a bow and a stern thruster which makes them free to maneuver across the boundaries of the port.

The number of thrusters required depends on the ship's length and cargo capacity. The route of the ship also represents an important factor in that many countries have local regulations of mandatory use of tugboats to access or move their port limits.

In the case of more than one-panel installation, be sure to operate the driving only of a panel at that time. The route of the ship also plays an essential portion in many countries that have local regulations of compulsory use of tugboats to enter or leave their port limits.