Beetroot Juice For Health Benefits And Sports Performance

It is believed that beetroot juice with its rich nitrate source has the ability to reduce the amount of oxygen burnt up by the body during exercise. The beetroot juice reduces blood pressure and is shown to be significantly lowered within a 24 hour period of first consuming the beetroot juice; this is even in people who have normally low blood pressure.

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Scientists believe that inorganic nitrates, which are converted to gas during digestion, have the ability to open and relax blood vessels in the body, thereby maintaining blood pressure.

Beets are also a high source of carbohydrates, so it has a carb-loading effect, as athletes do when preparing for an event.

The study holds promise not only for those looking to improve their athletic performance, but also for those who suffer from or are at risk of developing hypertension, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, or stroke. In this case, it may be interesting for parents to include beets or beets in capsule form in the menu.

The study may be based on consuming organic beet juice over a period of time so that athletes can increase the number of carbohydrates they consume before a big race to ensure they have the fuel they need. However, it is possible to increase blood pressure by taking beets in capsule form or simply adding them to your normal diet.