Best Appetizer’s Thai Snacks

Thailand is a land of delight street food. There are already several well-known street foods in street stalls everywhere. Thai street food vendors serve a particular dish or everything, like a restaurant that appears on the side of the road. 

Thai dishes have bold fresh flavors and balance the spicy, sweet, tangy and savory taste. Click here to find out more about Thailand’s delicious snacks on the street.

Here we introduce a few Thai snacks:

Coconut Pancakes: Made with flour, coconut milk and lots of sugar in a pan that form them into a half-ball, Khanom Krok was slightly crispy on the shell but soft and sticky on the inside. Sweet and gentle, they are plain or come up with add-on to your selection.

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Seaweed Crispy Strips: The strips of thin fried seaweed flavored with coconut oil, salt, and white pepper powder-plus pair of “flavor enhancer” until the umami factor.

Chicken / Pork Floss Rice Crackers: Pork floss sticks, while still popular, are slowly being overshadowed by this non-toxic snack. Dry, subtly sweet and satisfyingly crunchy, it’s easier to digest than the hard as bone pork floss sticks.

Crispy Pork Stick: A taste of the sweet taste of pork, coupled with all the crispness-stick 15 cm thick in the addictive goodness. They make an awesome pair with beer, and snacks are great to have when relaxing with your friends.

All snacks are delicious and tasty, it’s quite cheap and a good appetizer for evening snacks. Thai milk tea is extremely fragrant, has an irresistible taste, and distinctive color.