Complete Information About Dentures


They're specially designed to substitute someone's missing or unhealthy teeth. Made to order solely for every single individual.

 The dentures fit closely in the mouth, perfectly supported by both the soft and hard tissues that surround them. To know more about dentures, you can visit


Requirement for dentures

People who lost their teeth have been affected for several years by the ill impacts of tooth brought by periodontal infection, Dentinogenesis imperfecta, etc, are usually recommended by their own doctor to have their teeth replaced slightly or completely by a pair of dentures.

The teeth, whether artificial or natural, give support to your lips and give to their proprietor a more young appearance than if the individual were to be wholly without teeth. Thus, acquiring a pair of dentures is not only going to permit the individual to chew or eat his food nicely but may also serve to enhance the facial look to a substantial extent.

Dentures are not expected to last a lifetime, and they have to be replaced when the time is ripe. The bone that supports the dentures is gradually eroded over a period of time, causing the denture of the above jaw to rise higher and higher under the upper lip, with corresponding downward movements of the lower set.

While this is happening, the distance between the nose and the tip of the chin gets reduced, and changes in the shape of the face set in, which may become irreversible.

With such changes in muscle length and bulk, it would become virtually impossible for the dentist to make a new set of dentures that are satisfactory to the patient if the old dentures are used beyond a reasonable length of time. It is therefore recommended to have a new set of dentures made once every 5 to 7 years.