Detailed Information About The Types of Axes

Hundreds of types of axes have been created and used throughout human history. However, we will focus on the most common axes, axes, double bit axes, and tomahawks. If you want to play an axe throwing game then you book your appointment via

23 Different Types Of Axes - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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The hatchet, or forest ax, was often designed to penetrate small obstacles such as branches. These smaller shafts often weigh less than two kilograms and measure about a meter or more.

The hatchet is the most common type of ax used in ax throwing. They are lighter and easier to throw, and therefore easier for beginners.

Double axles:- Double axles were used most often by forest workers in the 19th century. They are two-sided because they are designed to be versatile axles – basically a 2-in-1 ax-and-ax combination – so workers can do anything without carrying two axles.

The Tomahawk was created by the Indians for fighting and hunting. They are usually thinner and lighter than regular axes.

Today the tomahawk is a multifunctional tool. They can be used for camping, cutting brush, and branching like small axes, but are also used in some very specific modern warfare operations because of their versatility.

The Tomahawk is often used for ax-throwing recreation, although most companies own more traditional axes.

CRKT Tomahawk: – Spread axes are much easier to describe as they are mainly used for splitting and splitting firewood. They have sharp edges that cut through the wood grain. The ax head then quickly narrowed to push through the chopped wood.