Different Types of Grille And Diffuser

Grille and diffusers are both an integral part of the development of HAVC system for air distribution that can cause buildings to be comfortable and more occupant. Both perform different functions in HAVC system or air conditioning equipment.

There are many types of Grille and diffusers (it is also known asประเภทของกระจังหน้าและตัวกระจายสัญญาณ in the Thai Language) are available in the market. They are widely used for ventilation in the rooms and buildings. There are several types of grilles and diffusers below:


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Grille: A special device is used in the supply and trenching vertical air without any type of deflection is called lattice.

Eggs crate: A combination of the elements of the vertical and horizontal shading used in hot climate areas because of the high shading efficiency.  This device works well on the walls.

Bar tools: knife device is formed as a bar as opposed to a narrow blade. The bar is part of the T shape that reduces the see through factor. Both devices come with the linear bar oblique knife which reduces visibility.

Diffusers: A device used to direct air at different angles with profiled blades when the air leaving the unit and going into space is known as a diffuser.

Straight bladed device: straight bladed devices are usually cheaper than the Louvre bladed devices and several kinds of them come with adjustable blades.

Linear Blade: They can be used for both purposes supply or return air. Blanking plates create a dummy slot to create a continuous linear effect.

Without a diffuser or  grill  your air conditioning system will not work or it is not complete. They are both very important for your tool. The two work together so that they improve their performance and provide comfort for your buildings and homes.