Different Types Of Solid Bolts

The bolts are an important part of manufacturing. There is a wide range of applications of these in both the industrial and commercial sectors as well.

Bolt fasteners are used increasingly in the Engineering, Oil & Gas, Pipe & Tubing, Petrochemical, Water Treatment, and Construction industries.

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Manufacturers of bolts to make them strong enough because it provides resistance and support needed for the structure. 

There are several types of bolts made by manufacturers foundation bolts that are used for various purposes. Let’s look at them.

Bent foundation bolt

It is cast in the form of bent and then set in concrete. At the time, the machine needs to be positioned in the bedrock, and this is where the bolt bent requested to be regulated in the lead. 

Eye Foundation Bolt

Bolt is the simplest eye bolt basis. At one end, it was thrown into the eye, and then a piece of criss-cross tied to it. It is set into cement concrete and assists in ensuring that the machines remain in place.

Lewis Foundation Bolt

Lewis is a removable bolt where his body is from one side of the narrow width. A hole is made of concrete with the aid of a basic block to use this bolt. It is placed such that the tapered end is supported against the narrow face hole made of concrete cement after it has set.

Rag Foundation Bolt

Fabrics that have a narrow body with a rectangular or square section that criss-cross. This is the first set in the lead and then the cement concrete made a very firm foundation and secure.

Cotter Foundation Bolt

The cotter bolts used to secure the machine are very heavy. To secure the cotter binder, make a rectangular groove at the bottom. First, the bed foundation is made so that the bolt can be inserted into the correct position. It helps in providing the hole so as to insert the cotter.

It is a few Fastener Cotter made by the manufacturer to be used together with standard washers and nuts. These fasteners are made with superior quality raw materials and production methods are very sophisticated.