Find The Perfect Venue For Your Meetings And Events

To save both time and money, make sure you do your research before you send out an RFP to venues and hotels that don't meet your needs. Although it is not difficult to send out an RFP to hotels and venues, it can take time for them to reply and for you to read the responses. This extra step is required for venue vetting and will pay off.

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New Kingston Jamaica Venues - Knutsford Court Hotel

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Take a look at Meeting Objections and Requirements-

Although it may seem like these items belong on an RFP they are important considerations that you need to address before you submit an RFP. This information may be useful in your proposal, or it could help you get to the next level.


What are your goals and objectives for the meeting? If you are able to communicate them clearly and concisely, there will be many options.


What is the format of the meeting? What is the purpose of the meeting? Is it an employee networking event, an educational session for like-minded professionals, or a large annual association convention? 

Does the venue reflect the company's image? It should be a place that your company, stakeholders, and sponsors would feel proud to visit. How big is your meeting space need? What would be the best venue for your group: a hotel, conference center, or convention center?

Take all the above things into consideration while finding the perfect venue for your business meetings.