Finding the Right Builder

Building a new home can be a fun, wonderful experience if you are willing to do some "homework" and learn what to expect. For many people, finding the right builder like sydneybuildersgroup is also the biggest hurdle.

The standard advice at this point is to "call and get at least three estimates and then choose one of the middle". The problem with this suggestion is that it boils down the price of your decision and totally ignores the most important factor in choosing the right builder – of trust, communication, and expertise. 

I think the standard advice is OK if you find reputable builders with whom you will feel comfortable, and the third is qualified to do the type of job you have in mind. But most people do not personally know of three builders that meet those needs.

So, what should you do? How do you find a builder that will make your construction project interesting, rewarding experience? To get started, you'll need to take the following steps:

First, remind yourself of a few things:

Building a house is not like buying a car or a television. Although you can buy a car that is identical or television, the house is not built at the factory in perfect condition. You do not buy a product from the shelf. 

Having a home built or renovated more like commissioning an artist to paint a portrait. Even given the exact same set of blueprints, 5 different builders will construct homes 5 is similar but not identical! Just like 5 different artists can be commissioned to paint a portrait of the exact same and you will get 5 portraits that are similar but not the same.

There are plenty of leways, even a detailed set of plans and each builder will see those "gray areas" with different eyes. There is a bit of an art in every custom home. So choose "artists" whose work you admire from the past, because other "artists" can not be expected to produce an exact replica.