Getting Your Facebook Messenger Bot Working For You

Chatbots have really taken off in popularity with businesses using them to connect with customers and potential clients. The question is, how do you get your Messenger Bot to work as an enterprise chatbot? Read on for some tips to make your own Messenger Bot an exceptional one.

First, make sure your Messenger Bot has the right personality and personal characteristics. You want your Bot to be friendly and approachable. It should be able to smile, speak quickly, and naturally respond to any queries. It should also be programmed to provide data or answers only when requested.

Chatbots should not be difficult to use. A lot of the most successful Messenger Bots are very simple and easy to use, including a basic Mingle, Gtalk, and Hangouts Bot.

A great way to learn how to program a Messenger Bot is by using a basic bot called ChatBots. These have the basic parameters of a ChatBot but are not quite as advanced as using a premium software package. This is what I use on my personal computer.

ChatBots will ask for a name and you enter that name into a box. You are then given a name of your choice for your bot. It also has customizable settings so you can add more settings like reminders for tasks.

You will find a list of ChatBots at Facebook, and you can download these for free. It's a good idea to download the appropriate ChatBot for your business, as well as a basic version of the software for use with a trial bot.

Next, find a Messenger Bot for your business. Using ChatBots is easy, and you can get up and running quickly.

Message your bot and let it know what type of bot you need. Message and follow up with your Bot for confirmation about what you want it to do.

In the message or to your bot, state the purpose you would like it to perform. What should your bot to be able to do?

Next, offer the Bot a name, and if it is something you created yourself, enter that. You can specify the word that will represent it in its list of known aliases.

Say to your bot, "Enable accessibility features, so it can be accessed from any device." If it has a specific feature that you want it to perform, just mention that in the message.

The last thing you want to do is confirm that your bot is ready to go. Make sure that it has everything it needs to start running, then click the Start Script button.