Gourmet Coffee Options For Employees

Office coffee service has come a long way in recent years. More and more employers are providing their employees with full coffee service with a variety of options. This benefit is enjoyed by employees who see it as a reward for their service. 

This simple but highly appreciated service is not as expensive as many people might think. There are several options for creating a gourmet coffee service for employees. 

One of the least expensive ways to offer gourmet coffee service is to rotate several flavors of coffee each month. These can be purchased from coffee websites in portion packs that make measuring easy. You can navigate to sites like https://greatoutdoorscoffee.com/collections/coffee-club to find the best ground coffee online.

Hazelnut – Great Outdoors Coffee Company

Entrepreneurs can choose to have one regular coffee and two flavors each month. Rotating the flavors makes it possible to have many different flavors on hand.

Using this method also makes it possible for employees to create their own gourmet flavors by blending coffees. For example, buying a box of chocolate flavored coffee and a box of hazelnut coffee can end up being three flavors instead of two. Hazelnut chocolate can be made using half of each flavor. Adding flavored creamers to the coffee service increases the options for a fraction of the cost.

The single-serving setup is slightly more expensive initially, and supplies may seem more expensive. However, when costs are weighed in to include coffee that spills because it was not used or because it went stale after sitting too long on the heating element, the costs could end up being similar.

The gourmet coffee service for employees has the added benefit of being available to customers as well. While most businesses offer coffee to customers and guests, having the ability to offer options like flavored coffees or hot teas is an impressive perk that customers will remember when they leave.