Hire A Business Coach in Adelaide

Not all coaches are created equally. The first and most obvious assessment of a Business Coach should be a close examination of their coaching credentials. While there are many great business people who can be great advisors and mentors. They are not to be confused with those who have trained, studied, and have been certified as a qualified coach.

In my experience, there are two key categories of Business Coaches. Those that have invested in a Coaching Franchise, and have been certified as a coach by their franchising organization, and those that have trained as coaches and then combined their coach training with their prior business experience.

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Difference between a Consultant and a Business Coach? - Explore an Online Library to Grow your Business Skills

The former typically have a short "intensive" coaching training process, typically as short as 10 days in a plush resort while the latter group will have studied for many months before they graduate as a coach.

Given only these criteria, which coach would you trust the future success of your company to? Someone who has paid to be certified by the same organization that has sold them a franchise or someone who has paid to learn to be a coach?

Now I am a fan of many of the Business Franchise organizations on the market. For many would-be business owners, investing in a franchise is a smart move – especially if the potential franchisee does not have strong business acumen. Now here's the rub. Do you want to put your business in the hands of a coach who does not have strong business acumen? One who does not have the resources or ability to build their own business?

As a Business Coach, I am frequently asked – "If you know so much about business why don't you run your own?" In truth my Business Coaching practice is a business, it's surprising how many people miss this obvious fact, and aside from that, I run a couple of small online companies.