Know The Interesting Story Of 7Up Retro Soft Drink

Our Story

7UP is a genuine Lemon Lime soft drink that contains 100% natural lemon and lime flavor, without dye, preservatives, or caffeine. Britvic has been assumed 7UP in GB and the Republic of Ireland since 1987.

First produced in 1929, 7UP was created by Charles Leiper Grigg who spent more than two years testing 11 different formulas from lemon-flavorful drinks with the purpose of producing and special soft drinks that were proven It is unbearable for national consumers. You can buy 7up retro cans at affordable prices online at

It was first launched in 1929 as caramel-colored lemon-lime soda, which he positioned as a drink with 'flavor wallop'. Although launched at the beginning of the severe depression and competing with 600 other lemon-lime soft drinks that already existed in the market, brand new sold well and in the late 1940s had become the third best-selling soft drink in the world.

7up can

In 1970, the company introduced 7up sugar-free, which is a direct success among the more consumers conscious calories. Today 7Up is highly distributed and distributed by Britvic in the UK on behalf of Pepsico and is widely available at all major retailers, food, recreational service, and licensed outlets.

Our Range

7UP remains loyal to its roots; Lemon, Lime, and many Fizz, which have become the key to its eternal popularity. Now available in four variants in a number of formats including cans and single and multi-service bottles. There are many theories where 7UP accepts its name.

Some say this is a reference to the number of materials in its original recipe, with 'up' referring to the elevator provided by lithium citrate in original drinks. Others have claimed this can be the result of 7UP initially highlighted in 7 ounces of bottles, while soft drink competitors were carried in a bottle of 6 ounces