New Features Of Hydraulic Press Brake

One of the most significant sheets metal forming machines is the press brake. It's mostly used to bend metal into various angles. Instead of a mechanical bender, a hydraulic press brake is now used. You can get the best repair service of Hydraulic Press Parts via Macrodyne Technologies.

Hydraulic Shop Press Brake DIY Kit - YouTube

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However, because the majority of people are unfamiliar with this new machine, we'd want to go over its features with everyone:

1. Welded steel structure

The new hydraulic press brake is built entirely of steel, whereas the old mechanical bender is made entirely of iron. Steel's hardness makes the structure much more stable. It also removes built-in stress, allowing the equipment to operate for longer periods.

2. Two cylinders that govern the vertical movement of the beam

The upper die of the new press brake is controlled by two oil cylinders, which allows for the finest balance. As a result, we ask the operators not to bend metal merely along the edge. The cylinders will lose their balance as a result of this.

3. Mechanical torsion shaft

The advantage is to make two cylinders work at the same time. This is a very popular torsion in the world now. We spent several years improving this into maturity. You can see more info in the manual.

4. Motorized back gauge

The gauge has been controlled by the electric device through buttons, then, there is a digital panel in the front. You can enter the data to use them, of course, you also can adjust them by hand if you want a more accurate aim.