Polished Concrete – The Medium Of Choice For Flooring Today

Polished concrete is fast becoming the medium of choice for flooring in many buildings, both new and old. If you Google "polished concrete flooring" today you get a return of over 22 million results which gives some idea of its' popularity, and there are quite a number of contractors engaged in polishing concrete throughout the country.

Polished concrete can be finished so that it looks like luxury stone materials such as marble or granite, yet it is considerably less expensive than either. You can discover the best local stone restoration team nearby whenever required.

It is also extremely strong, so is ideal for use in high traffic areas such as shopping malls, airports, railway stations, and so on. Provided it is dry and is kept clean, and despite the fact that it looks like glass, polished concrete is perfectly safe to walk on and is actually less slippery than marble or waxed linoleum.

The fact that it is less slippery is one reason why it is used in warehouses where forklift trucks are in use all day. It won't get tire marks on it, and for that reason, the tires on the forklifts last longer which is a money-saving benefit.

Polished concrete doesn't stain, either, provided it has been treated with an appropriate sealant: any spills should, of course, be wiped up as soon as they are seen, but even if they are not noticed and left for a while they won't damage the surface.

There are different types of sealants, and some of them are UV resistant which means that they can be used on exterior concrete surfaces.