Know About Paracord Thin Blue Line Survival Bracelet

This article will help in creating any type of cobra standard of living paracord bracelets. You can make a bracelet survival of one color, two-tone, or what's called the style "elite". There are many online guides and videos to make this bracelet.

Closure style:

Side release buckles: This is the closure of most commercially available match paracord survival bracelets that you find in most sporting goods stores. They generally reliable enough hard plastic. You can check this out to buy a paracord buckle.

Knot and loop: This is my preferred method of making bracelets. There is no hardware to purchase. The key to this style create a nice diamond know for loop to go. This knot can loosen or tighten if you make an error in the measurement.

Knot and buttons: I've made a few of these and they look very pleasant. The law enforcement agency I work for has a green and gold uniform color. I put the gold thread to sew the green button to the thin blue line paracord bracelet my elite.

Paracord Buckles - Black Atwood Rope MFG

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Now to make a bracelet

What you will need is a standard black paracord, over 550 types of paracord. You will also need about 6-8 inches of paracord blue.

Step one: Start cobra stitch your base. I usually make two passes before going to the second step.

Step two: Singe both ends of the blue cable that you will use. Try to make them flat. I use pliers to ensure this. Now, insert one end of the blue cable under one of the cobra stitches that you have created and then tighten the stitch.

The third step: From here, you will alternately cobra stitch over and then under the blue rope.

Step four: When you get towards the end of your bracelet, I then cobra stitch at the end of the blue cable at least twice to make sure the blue wire will never "pop" out.

Step five: Utilize whatever type of cover you choose. Side release buckles, knots, and loops, shackles, etc.

Selecting the Right Belt Buckle

The first thing to consider when choosing the size of the belt buckle. It should suit your body type. If you are a strong individual, then a large buckle will look the best. Choosing the size of the buckle opposite of your body type may look out of proportion.

Belt buckles are reasonably priced, making it possible to have some designated for different occasions. Think about how and where you plan to wear the buckle, for example, choose a simple design for everyday use.  You can buy best paracord bracelet buckle from

Maybe something that reflects your favorite hobby, your profession or even military background. For events more formal, consider gold or silver buckles and a little more ornate. Be careful though, unless you are an artist who is too ornate buckles will look strange and you probably will not wear it very often.

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Western belt buckle style is gaining popularity again, even among those who have never sat alone in the saddle. If you select a style buckle west as a fashion statement, pair it with jeans and a western-style shirt.

Another style that makes coming back buckle is antique buckle bearing indications design of Spanish and Mexican culture. You may find people with a carved lady and a beautiful butterfly, or even turquoise stone set in the design.

If you want one of your belt buckles to be a little different or fun, then the internet is a great place to start the search. Some companies even offer a belt buckle designed to hold, and including, thermos. If you are a fan of firearms, may buckle bearing the manufacturer of your favorite weapon may be to your liking.