Things To Remember Before Contacting An Employment Lawyer

You may want to contact an employment lawyer if you feel you have been discriminated against, harassed, or wage violated at work. Many employees make mistakes that can prove to be very detrimental to their case before they contact a lawyer.

The following tips will help you ensure the best possible outcome:

The employment attorney at Whitby always suggests that you send all related concerns to your employer via email or letters. Verbal complaints are a no-no. Your employer may simply deny having ever had a conversation with you. 

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Write down any conversations that may help you to support your claims. Keep the journal professional and keep it occupied. Your employment lawyer might want to see it. Keep track of dates, times, and places.

Do not attempt to be an employment lawyer, regardless of how much research has been done by you. Do not fall for the trap of believing that a few words like "retaliation" and "hostile work environment" will get your employer to back down. 

Don't resort to immature tactics like calling your employer by name or using physical violence, this will only make you more miserable than you are.

Also, provide contact information for any witnesses. These points will help you keep your head above water, and reduce the chance of you causing damage to your case.