Buy Alice in Wonderland Costume for Your Kids

A ready to wear your costume is the best answer. But with a lot of choices out there, choosing the right one can be another small problem. Do you feel that the costumes you find for sale have become too outrageous for your little girl to wear when he goes trick or treating? 

Beautiful Alice in Wonderland Costume Ideas

You can use the traditional Alice in Wonderland costumes for children and turn them into your own adaptation of how you imagine or want your little Alice looks like this Halloween. Well, Alice in Wonderland Costumes for children could be just the right one for your precious one.

There are many other versions of Alice in Wonderland costume for children. One is the classic straight from the book version. Others you can choose to use this Halloween are a version of the Disney animated cartoon from your childhood.

Yet another option is Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland version of the latest movie played by actress Mia Wasikowska. The third option is the modernized and revamped version that we find a more mature Alice wears a more updated look.

What you need to Alice in Wonderland Costumes for Kids

  • Pale blue dress with short puff sleeves
  • Small white apron with lace on the edge
  • White stockings
  • Long white satin ribbon for hair
  • Hypoallergenic make-up for kids
  • Plain black Mary Jane Shoes
  • One small bottle with a cork filled with colored water and labeled with the "Drink Me"
  • One long blond wig

There are plenty of costume ideas for kids that you can buy off the shelf. Although some may think that purchasing costumes will be like cheating fun of the celebration, it just gives you more time to enjoy and bond with your children.