What’s it like to work with a sleep consultant?

Baby Sleep Consultations are passionate about babies and their families, and we help everyone get a good night's sleep. The team of professional sleep counselors provides parents with the tools they need to teach their babies to sleep alone through the night and find a routine that works for them. 

When you work with Sleep Baby, you get more than just basic training and a schedule. You will find friends who will guide and encourage you as you navigate how to teach your little one healthy sleep habits. You can download our app Baby Sleep Magic to get knowledge about baby sleeping.

The baby sleep counselors can help your baby sleep better wherever you are. Baby sleep advisers love babies and help parents sleep through the night again. 

Sleep counselors work with your baby to develop strong, independent sleep habits that will let them sleep through the night and take a good nap so you can enjoy family and feel like yourself again! They are very grateful for the opportunity to work with your little one while they sleep and want to talk to you more.

Sleep advisors are passionate about helping babies learn to sleep at night, sleep well, and help their parents adapt to life in a larger family. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to sleep, and we make sure that all of our plans meet your needs, not someone else's.