Bollywood Dance – Experience Indian Bollywood Dance Style

Bollywood dance is one of the many forms of Indian Dance. Bollywood has traveled to all parts of the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom. This form of dance can be traced back to 1895. There are many beliefs about how Bollywood came into existence.

The name “Bollywood” is derived from Bombay. Bollywood is the Hindi Film industry in Mumbai, India. During the 1970s, Bollywood was coined. Bollywood is India’s and the world’s largest film industry in terms of annual productions and releases. The name Bollywood originated when the Indian film business surpassed that of Hollywood. 

This article will explore how you can determine your goals when starting Bollywood Dance, find the best dance classes, and enroll now to learn this beautiful dance form.

What is Bollywood Dance Style

The ultimate goal of Bollywood dancing is self-expression through a movement that looks beautiful while also being entertaining Bollywood dance is often performed with appropriate music which consists mostly of fast-paced beats that often accentuate the emotions expressed by the dancer or actors during performances.

The dress worn while performing this type of dance includes sequins, spandex, and glitter. These are often worn during performances that involve various dance moves that are unique to this type of dance.



One of the most popular Bollywood dances is known as the peacock dance where a woman holds out multiple fans and then uses them in conjunction with her arms and hands to create a choreographed display. While dancing, the woman often appears to be moving her arms and hands in a fashion that would mimic the movement of a peacock’s tail.

With Bollywood becoming more well-known in cities like London and Los Angeles, the dance moves continue to evolve. New Jersey has even started to see a growing number of Bollywood dance classes being offered in various areas throughout the city. These classes are often attended by people of all ages and backgrounds who want to learn more about this type of dance and how to perform the various moves.