Botox – Stop Teeth Grinding and Clenching Immediately

Bruxism is the medical term for grinding or clenching your teeth. Although usually called bruxism or grinding when excessive muscle activity is going on at night, it is called fisted when it happens during the day.

The exact cause of overactive masseter muscle action is not precisely known but is usually associated with stress or tension due to the lack of a better understanding of the root causes. In the case of severe and continuous, secondary medical problems will occur.

Most commonly, muscle fatigue, pain, and headaches are common. In the end, tooth decay can occur from the wear and tear on the occlusal surface. There are many dental clinics which provide professional Botox treatment.

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Traditional therapies include night-time splints to protect the teeth and drugs that try to reduce the inflammation in the muscles or cause it to relax through approach sedative.

Targeted treatment is to solve the hyperactive masseter muscle spasms and debilitating effects of his fists. In this case, Botox seems to be a much-targeted approach for that purpose … in the shortest period of time.

Provided guilty muscle area can be precisely identified by the nuances, can quickly and accurately inject. The goal is to break down muscle spasms part, did not prevent most muscles to move. After the focal part of the muscle weakness, excessive contractions stopped and the pain should decrease as clenching subside.

The key to good results with Botox for teeth clenching is the proper identification of the areas most hyperactive masseter muscle. Most of the time, patients can put their finger right on it … or can indicate muscle bulge when they clench or bite together.