Why Should You Carry A Nylon Paracord?

550 Parachute straps, more commonly abbreviated as paracord, are commonly used in a variety of everyday carrying situations. The "550" comes from the fact that it is estimated to support 550 lbs.

Paracord is a thin nylon cord with 7-9 strands of nylon inner. The top nylon paracord consists of 2-3 threads, an inner thread, and can be coiled for various uses.

This versatile material was originally used to hang parachutes. It is issued to several branches of the military because of its flexibility in different situations. Paracord has even been used by astronauts to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

The cables were used exclusively in the military, but after World War II they were made available to civilians as military surplus. Since its release, paracord has been used for a variety of survival, containment, and rigging applications.

2 reasons to carry paracord

It's invaluable in an emergency:- Perhaps the most common reason people carry a paracord is to use it in an emergency. Provide shelter by tying branches together when there is no other place to sleep. Cut the rope, pull the inner thread, attach the hook and have a makeshift fishing rod.

It adds visibility to your base:- Multi Colored paracord increases visibility, making important things easier to find and harder to lose. This is especially useful for bags, pockets, and organizers where the interior doesn't contrast with your gear.