How To Grow Marijuana Clones

Growing marijuana can be one of the most rewarding forms of gardening. If you invested your time and energy in another type of plant, it wouldn't make the same sound!

When we gave you a guide to growing your own weeds, we mentioned cannabis clones – but we don't know much about them. You can buy marijuana clones at Mendo Bros store online.


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Cloning plants with marijuana is a proven way to improve the growth process, not rocket science. Read on an article explains why and how you can make cannabis clones part of your long-term growth cycle.

What is cloning?

If you are unfamiliar with gardening and its terms, "cloning" sounds like an obscure and complicated scientific process. In the case of plants, however, cloning simply refers to the process of using multiple cuttings from a plant to grow identical copies of that plant.

What you need?

The requirements here are quite simple. You only need a few things to make a successful clone:

1. A razor

2. Spray bottle + water

3. The root environment

4. Root hormone (optional)

It is also important that you work in a sterile environment. An unclean environment will stimulate your plants and potentially cause problems for your transplanted clones. Once you have collected all four items in the appropriate workspace, cloning can begin!