Used Car Dealers and Buyers in Anchorage

More buyers turn to the online marketplace in search of their next used vehicle purchase every day. Nevertheless, this new marketing channel has increased supply while demand has remained relatively stable. What is the end result?

Lower prices of vehicles offered through the online channel relative to those offered at the traditional dealership. We have all seen the "internet only pricing" or "online specials" tactic employed by car dealer in Anchorage for marketing their virtual listings.

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New Vehicles Online

Easy access to information on the internet has precipitated the advent of an ever-expanding online new vehicle marketplace. Private sellers now have access to an increasing pool of potential buyers, far beyond the limitations of the local newspaper classifieds section audience.

It is the vehicle dealers, however, who have discovered the power of the online marketing channel and are now achieving a significantly higher reach compared to the traditional means of local advertising.

Expansions of the reach radius to 30 miles via the online channel compared to the conventional reach of 10 miles are more or less standard these days. This phenomenon is due not in small part to the much lower cost of online marketing.

Used Vehicles Online

This new expansion of the geographical reach dealers have achieved through the online channel has had an impact on used-vehicle pricing as well.

This is especially true for those units listed outside the traditional customer reach radius accomplished via the traditional marketing methods. This comes as no surprise. Local dealers now have to compete with the online used car dealers encroaching on their turf resulting in outright price wars.