Auto Detailing Secrets from the Experts

Car detailing is much deeper than a car wash and needs to be done by hand. You need to detail your car twice a year for it to look its best. Detailing is also a good idea if you've recently purchased a used car and it's important before adding a new car sticker or cover.

The exterior details include vacuuming and removing grease on wheels and wheel arches, a powerful car wash and body wax mask. Interior details include steam cleaning mats and cutting out leather seats. You can get car detailing in New York via Detailing Dynamics.

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Top tips for a detailed description of cars by experts

1. Dry in various directions

When drying your car, wipe the outside in one direction and the inside in another. This way, you can immediately tell which side of the glass is streaked when the scratches appear.

2. Don't forget the rust

Rust builds up on the stainless steel and most detergents do nothing. Use metallic paint instead. If that doesn't help, scrub with steel wool as gentle as possible.

3. The dirtiest part is the handlebars

Every area where you place your hands and arms is covered in dry sweat, oil, and a layer of bacteria. Even though it looks clean, it really isn't.

4. Review your work

Reviewing the detailed work is a bit of a paradox. It's easiest to feel for any remaining bumps or scratches with your hand, but you don't want to put fingerprints on your new wax mask.