Issues Regarding The Use Of CCTV Cameras In Hospitals

The use of CCTV systems and security surveillance system started as a way for government and business entities to maintain the security and protection and to monitor the workplace, warehouse, as well as sensitive areas in the establishment.

If you have ever been to a hospital, you might have seen high-quality commercial video surveillance system placed in the premises.

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But at the same time, the system has raised several issues about the right to perform all the tasks in the hospital without supervision, especially now that others abuse the system which often leads to the invasion of privacy.

Here are some of the issues raised regarding the use of CCTV in public places, especially in hospitals.

Everyone has a right to know –

Hospitals using CCTV surveillance systems needs to post a sign that will inform everyone in the area that they are being watched and that they are being recorded. It is regarded as a fair-minded approach to tell everyone that any illegal activities are not allowed and will be arrested.

It is the duty of the owners to protect –

In an establishment such as in hospitals, hospital owners need to ensure that the hospital staff, patients, and visitors are protected. It is the responsibility of the owner of the hospital to provide them with an adequate level of security against illegal activities and personal injury.

Protect the hazardous area –

CCTV security camera systems are used to prevent access to certain areas in hospitals, especially in regions of potential hazards present. In the hospital, there are certain areas that contain chemicals that can be deadly if exposed to others.