Working With A Community Service

At first impression, performing community service rather than attending the concert or enjoying time alone at home might appear like a way of trading your free time for work. But community service is distinct from paid employment in many ways.

The first thing to note is that nobody is watching your back to tell you to complete this task or otherwise. It's something you perform by yourself. The second reason for these services is that they offer what you can, while the goal for paid jobs is to earn. If you're interested in such services then you can also work with a NDIS provider.

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While your employer may claim that they perform an important function, the reality is that you go to your job every day in order to make a profit. The third reason is that community service gives you the chance to share your talents and gifts in your own way.

When you work, you're always carrying out your work on another's terms. Even when you're the company's CEO, you have to take on the behalf of shareholders.

Furthermore, this is a job that is done in a casual setting. You are able to chat freely with colleagues as well as dress casually and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your work is being done to people who might not have the funds to cover them.

Because of these and other reasons Community service is a lot less like work , and more like relaxation, and the pleasure that we receive from giving is always higher than the joy we get from receiving. It may seem like a cliché but the truth is that we are so comfortable giving only to ourselves and not other people that we are unable to say whether giving to others is satisfying or not.