Important Signs Your Lifting Equipment Needs A Crane Service

Having lifting equipment serviced is crucial to realizing signs of damage or corrosion in the early stages of them occurring. 

Preventive maintenance is a crucial factor for safety, and each maintenance schedule has to be custom-tailored based on the type of equipment, use, storage, and more. Bosscrane & rigging is committed to providing the best crane, rigging, and on-site services in the industry.

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A crushed chain link

This is another frequent issue when working with chain-based hoist systems or something similar. If you carry a lot of heavy loads throughout project hours, it’s simple for chains to become crushed or broken without anyone even knowing it. 

This is a great reason to make regular chain inspection and maintenance a regular practice in these situations. Remember that a crushed chain is very different from a completely broken chain link and may be more difficult to spot, particularly from a distance.

Bent or cracking hooks

A hook is created to hold load weight in a particular and precise direction; other than this, it’s a comparatively delicate component. 

Misapplied weight can bend a hook, which also compromises its internal integrity and may increase the chances of it breaking off in the future. 

Hooks need to be inspected often to make sure they have not been subtly damaged. While looking for the bends, workers should keep an eye out for telltale cracks, too.