Signs You Could Have Endometriosis

Endometriosis can be diagnosed at an early age. You can search online to know what causes endometriosis? via Additional Medical Theories.

Endometriosis - The Lancet

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1. Period Pain

This is the first sign that something is not right in the body. Although it is normal to experience occasional periods of pain, it is unacceptable for this to become a routine. We should be able to notice when we are having our period. However, we shouldn't feel the need to take painkillers or ibuprofen.

2. What's the verdict?

Recognizing your period is the second sign of Endometriosis. It should have normal color and runny consistency. Endometriosis sufferers will experience darkened, stale-looking blood and lumps during their periods. This can be stringy, or even sticky. Endometriosis can cause this.

3. PMS

Premenstrual symptoms are often associated with severe pain. Water retention can cause abdominal swelling to be quite severe. Along with emotional instability, sore breasts and frequent trips to the bathroom are common symptoms. 

Endometriosis sufferers often experience diarrhea symptoms that are strong and frequent. These symptoms are often experienced two days before the period due. They can also cause cramping and pain.

4. Digestion

Endometriosis causes a strain on the digestive system. This is due in large part to an underactive liver function. Endometriosis sufferers tend to be more sensitive to fatty foods and will have a harder time consuming fatty diets. 

Poor liver function, which results in a lower immunity, can also lead to allergies and food sensitivities. Endometriosis will often feel a "noisy stomach". Business, rumbling, and other digestive functions.