Hospice Care: A Life-Changing Decision

As a caregiver for a terminally ill loved one, caring for a hospice is one of the most difficult decisions you may have to make. This is a very difficult decision, but once you realize that medical care has progressed as far as it can go, it is time for the patient to be in a place where warmth and care reign supreme and they have precious private time with their love. 

Home hospice care is based on the belief that through love, appropriate care, and support from a caring community, terminally ill patients and their families can begin to prepare for the inevitable challenges they face. 

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Hospitals are not places. It is a quality of life concept that ends patients, their families, and friends. Even when drugs cannot cure, they can provide comfort, care, and assistance that can help maintain a better quality of life for patients.  

This type of care also called palliative care, involves aggressive management of pain and physical and emotional symptoms. It focuses on improving patient comfort and improving the quality of life of all participants. Acceptable hospice care programs can even be provided in the patient's home.  

It is based on the idea that quality of life and human dignity is very important. The family is actively involved in the care and the emphasis is on life. Hospice care allows patients to manage pain and other symptoms so that they are as comfortable as possible.

Another important decision you will need to make is who will be the primary caregiver. In the case of a member or family member, the hospice care program should offer breaks so that caregivers can rest at required intervals without worrying about how the patient is doing.