What is a Vertical Barbecue Smoker?

There are some main types of barbecue smokers that can make real smoked barbecue. The offset smoker is the first. The offset smoker has the firebox off to one side of the smoke chamber. The firebox is used to build a fire. Smoke and heat from the firebox are transported into the smoke chamber and out through a chimney ventilation system. 

Grates are placed inside the smoke chamber to hold the meat that will be smoked and then eaten. The smoke flavoring the meat occurs as heat and smoke pass through the meat. This is the secret to great smoked barbecue. If you want to buy an offset smoker, then you can visit www.smokedbbqco.com.au/collections/offset-smokers.

Offset Smokers

The kettle cooker is the second most popular type of smoker. You can set up a kettle cooker for smoking by placing the meat on the opposite side of the stove. The lid should be closed so that the smoke from the charcoal and any wood chips can flow around the meat, giving it that wonderful smoke barbecue flavor. 

A vertical smoker is the third type of barbecue cooker. A vertical smoker has one chamber. Fire is created at the bottom of your unit. There is a pan with soaked chips directly above the fire, then there are 2,3, and 4 horizontal racks over the smoke pan, where you place the meat. 

Smoke will rise from the smoke chamber and surround the meat, giving it that wonderful flavor. The smoke then exits out of the top. A few vertical smokers have a water pan that is directly above the smoke pan. This pan will keep the meat moist throughout cooking and will allow it to retain water.