Significance of Proper Tile Installation

Proper Tile Installation is Important

There’s nothing exceptional than a freshly installed new tile in your bathroom or kitchen. However, over time, these tiles and the grout can become dirty and stained. This comes from day to day use and exposure to dirt and traffic, shower soap scum, and cooking grease or debris in the kitchen. Because of the rigours of everyday use, it’s imperative that your tile is properly installed. For ensuring quality work, you can seek help from professional tilers in Perth through 

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or looking to professional installation, you need to remember that floor covering can make or break a home. Installing tile can be difficult, labour intensive and extremely exacting. Professional ceramic tile installers, for example, are usually craftsman with years of experience who understand the new methods and materials that have been introduced and blended into today’s styles. So you need to do your homework, including a tile layout plan.

Tile Layout Plan

Your layout plan helps determine a pattern and orientation for the tile and will help estimate how many tiles you will need while creating a guide to follow. The use of spacers is also a must for proper tile installation. Adhesive mortar is first laid down, and the tiles affixed.

Once set in place and left to cure, usually 24 hours, the grout is applied to the spaces between tiles, then the tiles wiped clean with a wet sponge to remove grout from the top surface. Installing tile can be a tedious process so it’s a good idea to work slowly and carefully, and most importantly – being prepared.