What Does Makes A Great Protection – PPE Equipment

The employer should also ask whether the PPE provided is compatible with one another. For example, they may need to consider whether a breathing apparatus makes it difficult to get eye or ear protection that fits properly. The more PPE a person needs, the bigger the potential problem.

The regulation also requires employees to be trained in PPE. Employers must:

* Make sure anyone wearing PPE Australian face masks knows why it is needed when it should be used, repaired, or replaced, and what the limitations are.

* Train and instruct you in the correct use of PPE.

* Since PPE is a last resort after considering other methods of protection, make sure users always wear it when it is at risk. You must not allow exceptions for jobs that "last only a few minutes".

* Check PPE regularly and investigate reasons why not. Safety signs can be a useful reminder to wear PPE.

PPE care is also important. PPE must be properly cared for and stored properly when not in use, eg. in a clean, dry cupboard or for smaller items such as protective glasses in a box. 

PPE must also be kept clean and in good condition and follow the factory maintenance schedule. Simple maintenance can be carried out by trained users, but more complex repairs should only be carried out by specialists. A suitable replacement PPE should be available.