What Is Pre Sale Car Detailing In Brisbane

What is a "clay stick" for car detailing and what is the clay stick method used for? Here we discuss in detail about clay sticks for pre-selling detailing in Brisbane. This includes things like tar, crushed insects, road debris, and tree sap. 


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These are invisible contaminants that bind to your car's paint and need to be removed. Using a clay stick is essential before going into details about your car. In fact, it can be said that applying clay is the most important step you can follow when cleaning paint. 

There is a big difference between a paint sealer and a wax. We start with the car wax. Wax is probably the most popular answer when choosing extra complete protection on the car. Not only does it seal in the spectacular finish that lies beneath, but it also enhances the depth and luster of your car.

The good thing is that when you apply car wax, your car will look amazing. Auto parts usually use expensive waxes and last longer than regular counter items. They are expensive for a reason, and the results are amazing. 

Paint seals for pre-sale detailing are the opposite of car wax. Sealing paint lasts longer than wax. This is because the paint seal is filled with polymer. Polymers are synthetic particles. These shields usually last about 5-6 months and the result gives a solid glass reflection. You can even search online for more information about pre-sale detailing in Brisbane.