Tips When Renting Tents

Are you planning an outdoor wedding?  A multi-family rummage sale? Graduation outdoors? When planning an event like this, you might consider renting a tent. You can also visit to hire tent rental companies.

Here are a few tips to help you with your tent rental decision: 

Surface: Tent rentals differ in materials, sizes, and prices. Depending on the type of surface you are using, the tent options may be limited. The tent creates an elegant high top and is ideal for outdoor weddings, receptions, or corporate social events. However, the tent must be installed in a grassy area. The tent frame is much more flexible and can be mounted on concrete, grass, or even sand.

A number of people: It is important to calculate exactly how many people you need to accommodate. The more people, the bigger the tent and the more expensive the rent. Usually, a 20×20 tent can accommodate 50 people in a row or 35 people if using a table. Tents are sold for larger sizes, and some tent rental companies offer crossing frame tents.

Weather possibilities: The basic tent provides protection from the hot sun and light rain. However, if it is a windy day or heavy rain then be prepared for wind and rain blowing through the tent. Depending on the purpose of your event, you can ask the owner to install a gutter with awning and sidewall packages. The sidewalls protect people from rain and wind.