Warehouse Management System For RFID Gains Significance

Warehouse management is an integral component of the supply chain and has assumed significance in the present era. Get more info about warehouse management system through www.dearsystems.com/wms/ 

It includes a host number of activities under the region such as moving goods and materials, tracking, picking and packing, maintaining inventory levels, etc.

This process also involves examining a large number of boxes along with the code of their products, the packaging does not exist and includes those who are done manually consumes a lot of time and leads to the document.

In an effort to remain competitive and harness growth in today's global environment; the company has started to implement RFID systems in their warehouses.

RFID, which stands for radio frequency identification using radio waves to exchange data between a reader and an electronic tag attached to an object, for the purpose of tracking and identification.

It consists of three basic components, namely. RFID tag, RFID reader and necessary software and hardware for communications. Tag consists of a microchip attached to a radio antenna and placed on the object to be identified.

To retrieve the data stored on the tags, a RFID reader is used which passes the information to the computer system put in place for data collection with the help of an antenna emits radio waves. The data transmitted by the tag may provide identification or location information, or specifics about the product tagged, such as price, color, date of purchase, etc.