What Is A Medical Wellness Exam?

Health tests and exams are very important as slight prevention can go a long way. Through these tests, you will be able to find problems even before they arise or find medical complications in their early stages – when the chances for treatment are doubtlessly better. 

A preventive medical wellness exam is used to diagnose a problem in its early stage. The problem visits are done by request of the patient because they have some type of health issues and want to find out the cause. For instance, if you want to have a test because you are having certain problems, that is diagnostic care. If your doctor wants you to do a specific test due to your family history, that is preventive care.

After you complete a health risk assessment, your doctor will create your personalized prevention plan. Based on your current health, this plan will improve your engagement, help you prevent illness, and promote preventive healthcare.

This exam helps in drawing a picture of how healthy you are and creating directions for future care.

Before your appointment, you will be asked to answer a questionnaire about your health, called a health risk assessment. The questionnaire should not take you more than 20 minutes to complete. The answers will provide your doctor with important information that will be discussed during your wellness exam.

At this phase, the doctor will also collect information about psychosocial risks, behavioral risks, self-assessment of health, demographics, and activities of daily living like walking, bathing, and medication management.