Tips And Why To Use Electronic Sow Feeders

An electronic sow feeder individually feeds every sow based on the litter number and condition of the pigs. It gives you easier control since it works daily. 

It also provides feedback if any sow fails to consume their part which help you to take extra care of those special animals. To get more information about the  electronic sow feeders cost visit .

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For proper use of the systems, here are some tips:

1. Whenever a new sow joins, make sure that all breeding dates, sow IDs, and feeding levels are entered into the feeder.

2. Don't overstock the station. Make sure that each animal can eat each day without any difficulty.

3. Your pencil layout must promote the comfortable movement of animals from the entrance to the exit region.

4. Animals have to be trained before they utilize the feeding system. They shouldn't get frightened upon entering such a large collection.

Effective control: It is easier to manage and monitor your business with electronic sow feeders. It sends alerts via telephone or PC if a current situation occurs or there are irregularities in sow behavior such as eating, body temperature, loss of ear tags, etc.

As a result, it helps you to respond effectively every time. By reviewing the statistics and data stored and tracking feed, it also allows you to analyze your results in a better way.