Things You Should Look For In A Perth Tiler

It’s really hard to find good tilers. There are a lot of reasons. For starters, it’s hard work. We get worn out, We’re expected to push it really hard. We have to be really smart. There’s a lot to think of, we have to be able to put together very complex projects and know a lot about many different things.

I could go on and on, but the point is, If you want someone in your house you can depend on to do a great job, you’ll have to do a pretty fast character read. You’ll have to use your intuition and your gut to make a decision. Their previous work and customer reviews can come in handy in the process. You can go through their websites such as to find additional information and get a price quote.

I’m in the field, I see and feel the climate of construction, I know people, so I may have some insight here.

Let’s check out a few things to look out for when hiring a tiler:

1.   Do they talk about the process, how it’s built, Do they geek out about what they do? Do they understand the mechanics of working with tiles?

If I’m having someone work at my house, I want them to geek out on what they are doing. I want to know that I have the most competent technician out there that’s into it. It’s a good sign if your tiler is really into what they do.

2.  Will they try their BEST? Maybe just ask them that.

I don’t care if someone has done tiling for 15 years, if the person will take shortcuts when they’re not “feeling it” you don’t want them around.  They have to try when it’s cold, try when they’re hungry, try when Mama died, try at all times. What I mean is, if they have a bad cut, but they’re a little upset about a flat tire, will they leave it?

3.  Does this person have any content?

You have to do your research. I’m not talking about checking for reviews or insurance or any of that surface stuff. I’m talking about spending time on social media or websites and being able to get a good overall look at how things are done.

How will your project be built? Do they cover things before they work? Who’s doing the work? Does that person talk on film and show what they are doing, day today. It’s super important with a  tiler because everyone does things differently.