Types Of Commercial Roofing

One of the most important components of a house or building is the roof. Apart from providing protection from the weather, the roof of your building provides significant structural support as well. When it comes to commercial roofing in Kansas City area, there are many options available from which you can choose.

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Some of them are:

Thermoplastic System

The thermoplastic system is the most common and is becoming increasingly popular for commercial purposes. This is made up of highly durable materials with low-temperature flexibility and high-temperature tolerance. They provide excellent protection against ultraviolet rays, ozone, and harmful chemicals. In general, thermoplastic systems have a lifespan of 20 years or more. It is an excellent commercial choice because it is also resistant to fire, punctures, chemicals, and wind.

EPDM Systems

These systems offer exceptional durability and versatility. Rubber roof is generally considered to be one of the long-lasting commercial roofing systems. They tend to be easier to install, maintain and repair than other types because they have a single-ply membrane with only one layer of roofing material. EPDM roofing system thickness varies from 30mm to 100 mm. They are relatively inexpensive and provide excellent flexibility and durability.

The Green Roof

Green roofs are usually best suited for flat roofs of commercial property. It may be partially or completely covered with soil and vegetation planted over a waterproof membrane. Green roofs absorb heat and have a significant impact on the reduction of energy, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs.

As you can see, commercial roofing is a highly specialized practice where there are different options available for different businesses. If you consider what kind of roof to install on your commercial building, talking to some professional roofing contractors will benefit your business.