What Exactly Is Depression?

Depression should not be confused with the usual feelings of a bad mood, sadness, or frustration. Such feelings are a normal response to everyday events and are often resolved within a short period of time.

If a person is depressed or has mood swings for weeks, months, or more and this prevents the person from carrying out daily activities, it may be depression.

There are different types of depression, including major depression, dysthymia, adjustment disorder, seasonal affective disorder, mood and affective disorders, bipolar or manic depression.

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Causes of depression

Causes of depression range from genetic causes to major life events. That is, when a person's family member suffers from depression, the likelihood of someone developing depression increases.

And when a person experiences a sudden change in events, such as the loss of a loved one or moving to a new environment, or a person in a relationship is heartbroken, it can lead to depression.

Other possible causes are chronic illness or side effects of certain medications or infections.

Depression diagnosis

For an accurate diagnosis, consult a psychologist for a detailed clinical evaluation. To qualify for a diagnosis, you must have had at least 5 of the following symptoms in a row for at least 2 weeks.