What Is Liver Function Test?

The liver is a very tolerant organ and there is little evidence to suggest that it has an ageing problem such that, without disease, it can function properly into old age. However because most liver disease does not show symptoms and, when it does, the symptoms are often vague, many people with varying degrees of liver damage remain unaware of their liver problems.

So, it becomes very important to go for liver function test to diagnose your liver problems. There are over one hundred types of liver disease and collectively they affect some two million people in the UK.

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The liver, being so resourceful, is often able to work well enough even when it may be damaged. This means that you may not necessarily display obvious symptoms, or signs of liver disease or illness.

A liver function test examines the damage to liver cells by testing for two enzymes, ALT and AST. Normally these enzymes are largely present inside liver cells. However, damage to the liver can cause more ALT and AST to leak into the blood. Therefore, raised levels of these enzymes can be an important indicator of liver damage.

A liver function test is also suitable for anyone that is concerned about their alcohol consumption, overweight, or on long term medication.

The test is an easy to use, finger prick blood test which is confidential too as it can be taken in the comfort of your home.

By using a mail order postal service there is no need to visit a specialist or laboratory.

Reputable suppliers of liver function tests offer clinically validated liver enzyme tests with laboratory test results.