WWF REDD+ Learning Session 2: Community management planning and REDD+

This is an archive of a Learning Session that took place in 2012.
Local communities play an important role in landscape conservation and in achieving Zero Net Deforestation and forest Degradation (ZNDD). While planning our landscape interventions, how can we make sure that community voices are heard and their aspirations included in bigger plans?
In this Learning Session, we explore approaches to working with communities in developing Landscape Management Plans and highlight the lessons from our recent experiences in DRC's Mai-Ndombe landscape.
  • Alexander Belokurov (WWF International) -- expert in landscape conservation and protected areas.
  • Liza Higgins-Zogib (consultant, Switzerland) -- expert in culture and development in conservation
  • Flory Botamba (WWF-DRC) -- REDD+ project leader in Mai-Ndombe


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