Inspiring Practices

What is an Inspiring Practice?
We use the term ‘Inspiring Practices’ to define valuable knowledge and experiences from various projects that can help us learn and improve the way we do REDD+. Inspiring Practices can be based on both successful or difficult experiences because we often learn the most when our work doesn’t go as planned.

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Inspiring Practices are short case studies that capture the valuable knowledge, experiences and lessons learned from our REDD+ efforts than can help us improve, replicate and scale up our work

Creating Community Forests in Indonesia
This REDD+ Inspiring Practice explores the development of community conservation areas and community-based forest management in remote villages of Indonesia’s Kutai Barat district. Amid intense pressures from development and deforestation…
Strengthening Land Tenure Through Participatory Land-Use Mapping in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Community involvement in participatory land-use mapping as the basis for land-use management planning, conservation of natural resources and securing of land tenure in customary areas in the Lac Tumba region of the Democratic Republic of…
Developing an Emissions Reduction Programme Idea Note in the Democratic Republic of Congo
This Inspiring Practice follows the development of an ER-PIN for a large-scale jurisdictional REDD+ programme across the future Mai-Ndombe Province of the DRC. The process involved diverse stakeholders, including members of the central…
Mapping Madre de Dios
This Inspiring Practice is part of a series produced by WWF’s Forest and Climate Initiative and designed to share REDD+ lessons learned, so that they may be replicated by others for their own REDD+ work. It highlights the participative…
Amazonian Indigenous Roundtable for Environment and Climate Change in Colombia
This inspiring REDD+ practice highlights the importance of working collaboratively and building the capacity for a wide array of stakeholders to participate in the development of REDD+ policies. The project team’s ability to assess the…
Development of the Amazonian Indigenous REDD+ Proposal
It highlights the importance of planning for and implementing REDD+ in a way that includes the needs and values of indigenous groups. During the proposal-writing process, the holistic vision of indigenous communities was enriched by the…
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Learning Guide
From the Tree of Practices to the Forest of Knowledge: A guide to identifying, capturing, sharing and communicating REDD+ Inspiring Practices
This guide is designed to provide REDD+ practitioners with the understanding and skills to identify, capture and share lessons learned that promote successful REDD+ initiatives.
Part One outlines the model and steps to identify, collect, organize and share REDD+ practices and lessons learned.
Part Two is a “toolbox” of 15 hands-on activities to use in reflecting on your REDD+ work and identifying lessons learned.