How Breathing Exercises For Anxiety Is The Best Therapy

Although anxiety attacks symptoms can vary, one thing is certain: proper breathing techniques are the best way to treat anxiety. Your breathing becomes shallower when you are anxious or stressed. 

This causes a decrease in oxygen intake to the body and mind. This causes anxiety panic attacks to become more severe and the cycle continues. You can also get social anxiety disorder cure from specialists.

It is important to breathe properly in order to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. Pay attention to where your body is breathing and how deep you are breathing. The deeper you breathe, the better. Are you able to breathe deep in your stomach, chest, or neck? 

What is your average number of breaths per minute? You can even time yourself. It’s fun to have fun knowing you can time yourself.

  • Monitor, you’re breathing the next time you feel panic attacks or anxiety. These easy breathing exercises can be done with your eyes closed to achieve better results. Focus on your breathing and nothing else. Remember to breathe in and out through your nose.

  • Slowly inhale, following the breath through your nose, into your throat, and down to your lungs. Fill the pit of your stomach with air, then your lungs. For less than five seconds, hold and then exhale slowly in the opposite order. 

Also, you will need to pull your belly in, as the air leaves, and then exhale slowly, going through your lungs, throat, and out of the nose. Do not wait more than five seconds before you take another slow, deep breath. This should be repeated at least five times, but more is better.