Choosing The Right Moving Company For Business Relocation

So the time has come to relocate your business. As a company owner, you have great pride in your business and have carefully thought about how shifting will affect all facets of your operations. 

Now that you have completed your research and discovered a new place, you are finally able to make the move. Only 1 step remains — picking the right moving company to deal with the relocation. 

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A moving firm experienced in commercial relocations will work with you to develop a thorough plan of action to help decrease your organization's downtime.

Here is a couple of pointers to help make the study and selection process simpler for you:

1. Get references: Ask the mover to provide you three references of current movements they have done for different businesses which are very similar to yours. Many movers that will promote themselves as a commercial inspector primarily only manage household moves.

These businesses will be not able to provide any references to comparable companies they have recently moved to. Asking for references that are moving will surely allow you to weed out the pretenders from the professionals.

2. Certification of insurance: Ask the mover if they will issue a certificate of Insurance in their company insurance coverages, showing the organization and/or the owner as "additional insured". This also offers you invaluable protection against property damage and/or employees' compensation claims. This is a typical petition.