How to Develop your Critical Thinking Skills?

What is critical thinking? 

These are the habits of thinking that you develop to make better decisions about what to believe and how to act. It is not about being able to argue well. This kind of thinking is dangerous. Some people are very intelligent and will think this way to justify their beliefs. This is very limited thinking.

You'll find many definitions of critical thinking from philosophers, selective, and scholarship experts. All of them agree that critical thinking includes challenging and analyzing our motivations and thought processes, as well as our conclusions.

Here's a basic definition.

"Reasonable, reflective thinking that focuses on deciding what to believe/how to act."

It is important to not confuse reasonable with logical. Therefore, it is reasonable to question not only our logic but also the premises on which it is based.

Develop your critical thinking skills

While you may know it is necessary to fix the mistake, it is worth having a little critical thinking to help you see the need for more information. This example shows you the type of mindset that critical thinkers need.


Motivations play a part in what we believe, what other people believe, and what evidence anyone considers. A magazine may be biased in its reporting but have all facts verified. You should question if there is enough motivation to lie, but this isn’t as common as people think.